USH-26 Emulation Software


  • NTDS Interface
  • PCI Card Bus
  • Complete USH-26 Emulation
  • Also performs as USH-26 controller to read and write to USH-26 Cartridge Magnetic Tape Units
  • Built for Windows operating systems
  • For use with the Sabtech PCI ABCH NTDS I/O cards or...
  • For use with the G.E.T. Engineering PCI NTDS I/O cards
  • Script driven controller mode allows users to load saved scripts to reproduce exact duplicate tapes
  • Users select directories to be mapped to each tape drive
  • Plug-compatible to existing hardware
  • Turn-key systems available - PC, Rack-mount, MIL Spec - whatever you need.
USH26 Tape Drive

Now you can avoid the high cost of maintenance and replacement for this expensive Military hardware. ComTech has produced a cost effective alternative. The ComTech USH-26 emulator allows you to connect to your current NTDS bus to control or emulate all of the functions of the USH-26 magnetic tape unit.

This system has been successfully tested as a replacement for loaders previously using the USH-26 for their boot process. Boot times were significantly reduced also (20 times faster!).

The easy-to-use operator interface allows users familiar with the USH-26 to operate the system within minutes. Novices can also get familiar very quickly. We have taken every measure to ensure the simplicity of operation for this software. No engineers required!

Don't see what you need? ComTech can develop an emulator or controller for any device on your NTDS bus. Call us to discuss your needs - we can help you.


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